Who we are

Tallers Soteras (Soteras Workshops) is a family run firm founded in 1860. We are now the fifth generation that has been constructing machinery principally for the paper and related industries. The company has the facilities and a team capable of taking on manufacturing projects, renovations and modifications to machinery.

In Tallers Soteras we have created a new brand: TS INNOVACIÓ. for which we have designed and built a pilot plant aimed at 3D technology research into modelling and packaging products.

TS INNOVACIÓ is a laboratory open to companies that want to participate with us in R&D into new packaging products and the manufacture of materials for packaging.

We provide pulping processes, refined with a Hollander, a product shaping system based on the materials used and studies of mould designs with appropriate drainage. We also provide research into 3D printers, thermoforming drying mould engineering and CAD CAM manufacturing, as well as laboratory apparatus and measuring equipment for refining.

We currently have agreements with paper industries, startups and companies in the food industry as well as firms dealing with industrial and agricultural waste.   Each company can carry out its research here thanks to our experienced laboratory and technical staff. We specialize in the design and manufacture of new products according to the needs of our customers, in order to go as far as we can into key concepts such as reuse, recycling and sustainability.