What services do we offer?

Product design

Design of new products or substitutes for plastic using organic materials at the customer’s request.

Renting our R&D Laboratory

The facility consists of different mechanisms, circuits and automatisms and is a pilot manufacturing plant. It contains all the elements of an industrial plant at an optimal scale for testing. The plant can carry out tests on paper residues, or other organic materials, in order to determine the most appropriate manufacturing processes in line with the desired final products.

Research into raw materials: the circular economy

In line with working within the circular economy, the versatility of the pilot plant allows for the testing of raw materials from various waste sources. As well as R&D to consolidate wrapping and packaging products, partly or entirely made with more sustainable materials.

Development and construction of 3D moulds and aluminium moulds for thermoforming processes

At Tallers Soteras we manufacture the moulds we design using 3D printing and we offer the assembly, redesign and adaptation of custom-made machinery so that it is as optimal as possible with respect to the product to be produced.

Short-Run Manufacturing

Prototype provided by the client: once an adaptation to our machines has been made, we offer production to verify the result, or a short run in order to supply a client.